• Subdivisions of Land
  • Set Back Verifications
  • Drainage Certificates
  • Property Investigations
  • Expert Testimony
  • Annexation Maps
  • Volumetric Analysis
  • Lease Area Exhibits
  • Recorded Exemption
  • F.E.M.A. Elevation Certificates, L.O.M.A., L.O.M.R.

  • Height Verification

  • Solar Shadow Analysis

  • Square Footage and Area Calculations

  • Condominium Maps

  • Monitoring Well Locations

  • Site monitoring for Environmental Remediation

  • Lot Line adjustments

  • Easement Descriptions and Exhibits

​​​Development Services

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Control Development: 

GPS and Ground based control networks.  Control systems for any type of project from small development sites, Aerial Surveying Control, or Coordinate systems for GIS networks.  We specialize in large control networks to establish geodetically related locations anywhere in the state or world.   Utilizing published NGS data, Network solutions where available and post Static Observed processed solutions from CORS and OPUS when needed.  When provided the proper parameters we are able to relate the generated data to any provided coordinate system.

Construction Management:

Site layout for any type of development project from the addition of a garage, a small room bump out, to the layout of large commercial and municipal projects.  We establish the locations for any proposed improvements to insure a proper relationship to the property lines and existing structures.  This information allows the Contractor to be sure the project is built correctly in the proper position both horizontally and vertically.


Topographic and Design Surveys: 

Surveys in which the end goal is for seamless design upon an existing parcel of land.   All substantial improvements and evidence of existing utilities will be documented, related to a specified datum, and depicted with respect to the property boundaries.  Research can be performed to provide development regulations on the Survey with regard to zoning, building setbacks, easements, height restrictions, and any other required information. 

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Structural Monitoring: 

Some buildings in a state of motion need to be monitored to better understand the magnitude and direction of the motion.  Precise measurement methods allow for impeccable repeatability and an accurate accounting of position.  By creating a timeline of the data the rates and directions of motion can be calculated, assisting the engineer with the mitigation process.