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As a professional Land Surveyor in Colorado I have managed a wealth of surveying projects and delivered products for any application.  I have extensive experience in Design Surveying, Project Management and Construction Management with Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in Improvements designed and constructed under my Surveying Supervision without a single back charge. 

I have managed some of the largest and most complicated Surveying Projects in the State, including the dependant re-surveys of Sections, Township and Range Lines, United States Mineral Surveys, Homestead Entry Surveys, Highway and Railroad right-of-ways, National Forest Boundary Establishment, layout of the Structural Steel for the Denver Bronco Stadium, layout of many commercial buildings and hospitals, Design Survey documentation and layout for many miles of Pipeline projects and Proposed well sites. 

I was first taught to use a Computer Aided Drafting program while taking a drafting class in high school.  These skills were applied to the course work required to obtain my B.A. in Geology from San Francisco State University and have been expanded upon to meet the needs of my professional career.  I have more than twelve years of experience with AutoCAD© software for the use in Survey Drafting and Data Analysis.  The drafted and paper products that I deliver are first rate. 

Approaching 20 years of experience with GPS I was first trained to post process Global Positioning System data in the mid 90’s while working on Sedimentation Studies at San Francisco State University.  As a Professional Land Surveyor I have had the opportunity to mange GPS data from all over Colorado and as far abroad as Guam.  I have the ability to generate “Control” quality data using many different methods.  Including the relation to regional NGS published control information, the utilization of CORS and OPUS solutions to post process positions, and the use of established “Networks” when applicable.  The spatial relationships that I generate can be related to any provided coordinate system.

I began surveying in Boulder, CO with Flatirons Surveying in 2000.  At Flatirons I quickly became a Senior Project Manager, was involved in the training of new staff members, led teams of up to 10 people to almost every corner of the state and successfully accomplished many of their most difficult projects on time and within budget. 

I expanded upon my undergraduate degree in Geology with post graduate studies of surveying techniques and boundary law at Metro State University Denver, where my education and professional experience led to proctoring lab exercises and a position as an Adjunct Professor of Route Surveying.

In 2010 I established Green Mountain Surveying as an alternative to the larger surveying firms.  I believe that all aspects of any surveying product should be overseen by a Professionally Licensed Land Surveyor.  My personal contact and attention to the particular needs of each project ensures that all of the client’s expectations are exceeded.  This allows for quick response to questions, fast turn around and enables me to produce a highly repeatable, superior product at an exceptional price. 

Please contact me for an estimate on your next surveying related project.  It would be my privilege to provide all of your project surveying needs.

GPS Control Point             Longs Peak, Boulder, CO               Corner #3 U.S. Mineral                 Survey #276

Samuel A. Knight
Colorado P.L.S. and C.F.E.D.S.
B.A. Geology, SFSU
 Phone: (303) 601-8588

elcome to my Green Mountain Surveying web site.  My name is Sam Knight and I have been surveying in the Colorado Region for over a decade, producing a wide variety of surveying products. 

We are a small owner operated business that is capable of tackling the biggest jobs.  With experience using the latest technology available, I can provide services faster, therefore saving you money.

I look forward to earning your business.

Sam Knight

P.L.S., C.F.E.D.S.

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